What is included in the Red Tractor Produce box?

Every week we feature between 32-46 items in our Produce List. You customize your box the way that you want. You can choose all fruits, or all veggies, or better yet; a combination of both. The minimum purchase is $30, and it can be combined with Raw Dairy, Grassfed Meat, Natural Grocery, or Organic Beverages. The weekly inventory will vary, depending on the season and availability of the produce.

Do I have to be at home to receive a delivery?

No! But honestly, you know your neighborhood best, and we will leave your produce box wherever you specify in the special instructions block (back porch, in a cooler on the porch, etc.). We will assume you want your produce left by the front door unless you tell us otherwise. 

What should I do with the empty box from the previous delivery?

Our cardboard boxes are 100 % recyclable, so make sure you leave them outside by your door - along with the ice pack for your next delivery. We will pick them up when we bring your next order. This system is environmentally friendly and highly helps reduce cost.

How I can customize my order?

We will post the contents of the box online every Friday morning, based on what is fresh, in season, and when we can locally grown. You can access your menu by logging in and clicking on the Blue button (create my box). You have until your deadline according with your zip code to place and customize your order. See below for your customization and your order deadline date. 

Tuesday- 7:00pm Tampa Bay/ Plant City/ Wesley Chapel

 Wednesday- 10:00pm Winter Haven/ Auburdanle/ Bartow

Thursday- 10:00 Lakeland/ Mulberry

What are times and dates of the deliveries?

The delivery day and time will depend on where you live or where you want to receive your produce box.  Our driver works generally from 10:00am-6:00pm on your delivery day.

Can I get my order delivered to my workplace?

 Yes we do. Please specify in the special instructions what time you office close so we can make the arrangement to be before you leave.

Contact Customer Service at (863) 286-1400 or email us at customerservice@theredtractorproduce.com.

How do I cancel my delivery?

You must cancel your order 48 hours prior of your delivery day. You must contact Customer Service through customerservice@theredtractorproduce.com or by phone at (863) 286-1400.If we don’t answer, please leave a message with name and day of delivery.

When do you bill me for my delivery?

You will pay for your delivery at the time of check out through the website. You have 2 payment options, check out CHECK / COD (you will leave cash or check in a designated area, i.e under doormat or in your last recycled box) or you can check out and pay via PayPal (preferred method).

Where does the Red Tractor Produce deliver?

Lakeland, Mulberry, Polk City, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Eagle Lake and Bartow. We reserve the right to deny a specific delivery if we find that it is out of the delivery route.

How do I order other items or additional produce?

Besides produce, we offer other organic/ healthy natural products. We offer Raw Dairy, Grass-fed meat, Natural Grocery, Organic/ Fermented beverages. Log in and check it out for yourself!

How do your prices compare to a regular supermarket?

Because of lower operating costs, our prices tend to be much less - compared to the big chain grocery stores, like Publix, and whole foods, especially for organic items. BUT of-course, we bring it right to your door!

Is the Red Tractor Produce delivery a year round service?

Yes, However the Florida Season is very limited due to its heat. So we must outsource most of the time, but we try to buy to available local organic farmers. If not, from the same suppliers that supply publix, whole foods, sprout – Alberts Organics.

How does the Refer-A-Friend program work?

When you, an existing customer recommends The Red Tractor Produce service to someone else and he or she purchases their first box, you would get $5.00 off towards the $30.00 box for that week. Unlimited referrals.

Is everything organic?

Yes, as a matter a fact, we only purchase from certified organic farmers. If you need to see our receipts and certification you may ask us and we will provide you with it. Here’s a little history: when we started our business in November of 2012 under the name The Red Tractor produce, we offered only conventional produce. But even in the first week, people have been asking us for Organics. So, since October 2013, we quit conventional and started buying only organic. Even though you can make more money in selling conventional produce, we believe in organics, it can truly make a difference in your life. It is important to eat clean food!

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