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Enjoy local, Fresh Fruits & Veggies and few groceries delivered to your door each week!


The Red Tractor Produce is not a membership based service. Like others companies, we do not require that customer enter a debit/credit card in our system. We want our customers to feel at ease and confident with our services. There are not any membership fees. The only requirement that we ask is your loyalty when paying for our services. In the payment and billing section we explain in detail how you will pay for our services.

E- mail and SMS Text Messages Communication

The primary form of communication is via e-mail, including our Produce List. It will include the produce that we will feature for that particular week. You will also be able to let us know whether you want a delivery for that week and the produce you would like to have delivered. It would come on a Survey Style format and it is a friendly user. Also, the invoices is send via email with Pay Pal. Another tool and very beneficial for our communication it is the SMS Text Message. The customers subscribe to receive SMS Text Message and it is use to communicate when we send important communication only (like the produce list), and more important; when the produce arrived to your doorstep. It require by law to get written consent from our customers to use this form of communication.

Home Delivery

Our normal delivery hours will be on Saturday, between 7:00am to 8:00pm for the Lakeland area, and Thursday we deliver to Winter Haven, Bartow, Auburndale and Polk City between 11:30am to 6:30pm. You can specify the placement of the box when you placed the order. If you are not home, we recommend that your box be delivered to a spot that it is under cover, out of sight and in the shade. If preferred, you can leave your cooler out, and we will transfer as many produce into the cooler as we can. All orders are delivered in a wax covered and reusable box. We will pick up the previously used box when we deliver your next order. Not only is this system environmentally friendly, but it will also keep your produce fresh and delicious. The Red Tractor Produce is not responsible after the produce has been delivered.

Payment and Billing

The Red Tractor Produce offers a variety of forms of payment, so the customer can feel comfortable with our services.

  • 1. Pay using our Pay Pal account. (deadline to pay is on Friday by 9:00 PM) for Lakeland/ Mulberry customers and Wednesday by 9:00PM for Polk City, Auburndale, Winter Haven and Bartow customers).

  • 2. Paying cash upon delivery. (customer can leave the cash in the recycle box or under the doormat).

If we do not receive the payment by the deadline or we don’t get notify about how the customer would be paying, the box will not be delivered that week. We do not accept any checks.

Canceling your order

Customers will have the choice to receive the $20.00 or the $30.00 produce box weekly or bi-weekly. If customers agree to receive the box for that particular week, and agree on the deadline, but later decide to cancel, please let us know by Wednesday(Polk City, Auburndale, Winter Haven and Bartow) or Friday(Lakeland and Mulberry) so we do not order excessive produce. By doing so, our low costs will be a benefit for our loyal customers.

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