How Our Service Works

Enjoy Local, Fresh Fruits & Veggies, Natural Groceries, Grass Fed Meat, and Raw Dairy delivered to your door each week!


The Red Tractor Produce is not a subscription-based service; thus, you are able to set your own schedule and pay for the products that you want from our selection. Like other companies, we do not require customer to enter a debit/credit card in our system. We want our customers to feel at ease and confident with our services. There are not any membership fees and the deliveries are completely free. In the payment and billing section, we explain in detail how you will pay for our services.

E- mail and SMS Text Messages Communication

The primary form of communication is via e-mail, which will include our Produce List for the week. The produce list will be sent out as a user-friendly survey, which will allow customers to build their boxes. To be eligible for a free delivery, customers must at least have a total of $32 worth of produce, Raw Dairy, Grass Fed Meat, or Natural Groceries. Customers will also receive Pay Pal invoices through email. We will also be utilizing SMS Text Message as another method of communication with our customers. Customers must subscribe to receive SMS Text Message and it will be used to notify customers with important updates concerning their delivery.

Home Delivery

Date and time of your delivery will depend where you live as each zip code has their specific delivery day. You can specify instructions for your delivery whenever you place an order. If you are not home, we recommend you leave a cooler out, and we will transfer as many produce into the cooler as we can. All orders are delivered in a cardboard box with an ice gel pack inside to keep your products fresh. We will be picking up the previously used box when we deliver your next order, so please leave them outside. Not only is this system environmentally friendly, but it will also keep your produce fresh and delicious. However, The Red Tractor Produce is not responsible after the produce has been delivered, so please make sure that the location is secure.

Payment and Billing

The Red Tractor Produce offers a variety of forms of payment, so the customer can feel comfortable with our services.

1. Pay using our Pay Pal account.

2. Paying cash upon delivery (customer can leave the cash in the recycled box or under the doormat).

If we do not receive the payment by the deadline or we are not notified about how the customer will be paying, the box will not be delivered that week.